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Online Interactive 3D Anatomy with Custom Development, Branding and Website Embedding

In the fast-evolving world of healthcare, effective training for healthcare professionals (HCPs) and educating patients about medical devices and procedures is crucial. BioCloud 3D offers an innovative solution through its interactive 3D anatomy platform, transforming the way medical training and patient education is offered.

Enhanced Healthcare Professional Training & Onboarding

BioCloud 3D provides custom interactive 3D anatomy education & training for healthcare professionals, particularly focusing on medical device training, therapeutics, and disease states. Healthcare institutions can leverage BioCloud 3D to streamline the onboarding process for new healthcare professionals. Institutions can train their staff on proprietary surgical procedures and medical devices. These animations, integrated into the institution’s website portal with custom branding, offer a seamless and tailored training experience, ensuring healthcare professionals are well-prepared to tackle unique challenges in the fast-paced healthcare environment.

Patient Education & Engagement

Go to BioCloud 3D to see all 3D anatomy available for patient engagement and website embedding.

Beyond professional training, BioCloud 3D extends its benefits to patient education and engagement. Surgeons are more likely to advocate for medical devices when they have a clear understanding of the product. The interactive nature of BioCloud 3D animations bridges the comprehension gap, making medical devices visible and impressive to surgeons and patients. This informed decision-making process contributes to better patient outcomes. Moreover, BioCloud 3D becomes a valuable resource for educating patients on how to properly use therapeutics, medical devices, and enhancing communication of disease states and treatment options.

Dynamic Pharmaceutical Marketing & Education

BioCloud 3D also simplifies pharmaceutical education, allowing clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to showcase stunning 3D anatomy on their websites for patient engagement and marketing. This immersive experience attracts new patients and enhances revenue while simplifying complex medical concepts for better patient understanding and HCP training.

Advancing Healthcare Education

Interactive 3D anatomy serves as a powerful tool for educating both healthcare professionals and patients about disease states and therapeutics. Through dynamic visualizations, professionals gain a deeper understanding of treatment methods, while patients benefit from clearer insights into their disease states and prescribed interventions. By bridging the gap between complexity and comprehension, interactive 3D anatomy significantly advances healthcare education for professionals and patients alike.

BioCloud 3D Creates Custom 3D Animation for Patient Education, HCP Training, and Life Science Product Marketing.

Immersive 3D animations have indeed proven to be a valuable tool in simplifying complex medical concepts and procedures. By visualizing anatomical structures, disease states, and treatment options, these animations can effectively enhance patient understanding of conditions and recommended treatments.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) can utilize BioCloud 3D’s interactive animations to effectively explain medical devices, procedures, and therapeutics to patients. This enables patients to have a clearer comprehension of their healthcare journey.

Moreover, healthcare institutions can leverage BioCloud 3D to streamline the onboarding process for new HCPs. By utilizing custom 3D animations, institutions can train their staff on proprietary surgical procedures, therapeutics, and medical devices. These animations can be integrated into the institution’s website portal, complete with custom branding, ensuring a seamless and tailored training experience.

In addition, clinics, hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies can embed BioCloud 3D models directly onto their websites for patient engagement and marketing purposes. This allows them to showcase stunning immersive 3D anatomy to attract new patients and increase revenue. Notably, these 3D models are accessible in real-time and can be experienced on all platforms without requiring any downloads. Overall, the use of immersive 3D animations, such as those offered by BioCloud 3D, can greatly benefit patients, HCPs, and healthcare institutions by simplifying complex medical concepts, facilitating effective communication, and enhancing patient engagement and understanding.


BioCloud 3D is an online web service that specializes in creating custom immersive 3D animations for many purposes such as patient education, healthcare professional (HCP) training, marketing, and engagement. It caters to clinics, hospitals, universities, and pharmaceutical companies, offering convenient and cost-effective solutions to effectively showcase disease states, medical devices, therapeutics, and surgical procedures.

The process is simple and user-friendly. Once you provide the necessary information and requirements, BioCloud 3D’s team will work closely with you to define, develop, and deliver each project from start to finish. They have access to a vast collection of scientifically accurate 3D assets, which serve as a foundation for most projects.

Upon completion, BioCloud 3D uploads the interactive 3D animation directly to your portal. This portal can be customized with your own branding, allowing you to maintain complete control over its appearance and functionality. You can also embed the animations onto your website for marketing and engagement purposes. Additionally, you have the flexibility to update and change the branding within your portal as frequently as needed.

High-Quality 3D Assets:
All 3D assets start by building on a solid foundation, using a quadrilateral polygon base mesh. This facilitates two purposes, it allows for better optimization for interactive presentations, and allows for efficient deformation of high quality surfaces for photorealistic animations when rendering. All geometry is then hand sculpted, painted and exported at its highest quality using industry standard applications and custom plugins.

The inherent nature of our toolkit is to allow for diverse modifications and seamless integration into your existing web-based business infrastructure. Boost brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and sales by leveraging our solutions. We create solid 3D web products that solve problems with diverse marketing requirements with the allowance for complex modifications within tight deadlines.

Real-Time 3D Quality:
The dawn of Web 3D has ushered in a new era for real-time 3D graphics. Visuals today need to provide unparalleled levels of realism without the weight and long load times traditionally associated with this level of quality. Modern web browsers can now be displayed with greater ease and success than ever before. 

We can now experience stunning 3D detail in various forms with perfect lighting and lifelike textures. BioCloud 3D tools give our developers a flexible approach to creating custom materials and high-quality rendering using a physically-based rendering (PBR) pipeline, simplifying the task of creating engaging 3D Web content even more.

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You CAN Share Our 3D Models on Social Media!

Discover the amazing world of 3D human anatomy with BioCloud 3D! With our user-friendly platform, you can learn definitions, play animations, draw, type, and record stunning visuals – all without downloads or installation. Plus, share images & videos on your favorite social media platforms or embed them anywhere! Don’t be scared off by the complexity of studying the human body. BioCloud 3D makes it a breeze! You do not need to ask permission to share our 3D anatomy, and you can feel confident using our models for presentations, videos, and marketing!

BioCloud 3D users can share our 3D anatomy anywhere!


Click on our 3D anatomy and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions, zoom in and move the models around for details, study anatomy and physiology, draw and type onto the models and record your sessions for presentations, HCP training & patient education! White label the interface with your own personal branding for website embedding.

All BioCloud 3D content is developed using the direction of specialized medical professionals, including physicians, surgeons, certified medical illustrators, artists, and technical medical writers.

Train Students, HCPs, Patient Education, and Marketing

We have three plans, and you can share our models with all 3 plans! The individual option is popular with students, allowing the user to study anatomy and physiology, draw and type on-screen, including the ability to record audio & video sessions. The Enterprise Plan is for training healthcare professionals and patient education, and offers users the ability to white label and personally brand our 3D anatomy for website marketing and embedding. And, the Educator Plan is for large groups, like universities.

Finally, Affordable Custom Animation!

BioCloud 3D also offers custom 3D anatomy for demonstrating medical devices, disease states, and therapeutics, which can be embedded onto your website with your own custom branding. The models in BioCloud 3D can be used to develop custom medical animation at a fraction of the cost!

Experience the powerful visualization that only BioCloud 3D can offer! With our user-friendly platform, you can take your understanding of human anatomy to a whole new level. Go ahead and explore!  From now on, you don’t need to be nervous about studying anatomy – BioCloud 3D has got you covered! 

Interactive 3D Anatomy for Student Training & Education

Welcome to the fascinating world of medical science! As medical students and professors, we often find ourselves wishing for a more interactive approach to learning about human anatomy. BioCloud 3D allows us to do just that – it provides an innovative way of teaching clinical anatomy in an immersive and engaging environment. Plus, with this exciting new technology, you won’t have to worry about handling any real cadavers or dissecting specimens – it’s all virtual! So let your inner doc come out and explore our amazing interactive 3D human anatomy today!

View Our 3D Models From a Web Browser

BioCloud 3D allows you to click on its 3D models and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions. Zoom in, move the models around for more details, study anatomy and physiology, draw on and type onto the models, download images, and record your sessions for presentations. Students can access our growing library of 3D models of muscles, organs, bones, nerves, and other anatomical structures on any device at any time, directly in their web browser.

BioCloud 3D Allows Users to Download, Record and Share Our Models!

Furthermore, BioCloud 3D is really easy to use, and you can download videos for classroom presentations and display them on social media. You don’t need special approval to use the images you download or record, and you don’t need to pay a fee either! Our realistic 3D models of human anatomy make learning much more enjoyable and hands-on. Our subscription gives you permission to download, record and share!

So, what are you waiting for? Dive into the world of medical science and experience for yourself why BioCloud 3D anatomy is becoming a popular educational tool in medical schools around the world! Get started exploring with BioCloud 3D today and make learning more fun than ever before!

Interactive 3D Anatomy and Patient Education

BioCloud 3D provides healthcare professionals with patient education tools while engaging them with interactive 3D anatomy. It is always nice to see a patient’s face light up when they can finally see their diagnosis or therapy using stunning visuals.

Gain The Trust of Your Patients Using Stunning 3D Anatomy!

Healthcare providers can gain the trust of their patients while using BioCloud 3D anatomy to explain disease states, medical devices, and surgical procedures. Users can interact with our 3D models and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions. They can zoom in and move the models around for details, study anatomy and physiology, draw and type onto the models, record sessions for presentations, and download images for patient education and HCP training.

BioCloud 3D Offers Custom Branding for Website Embedding

BioCloud 3D offers custom branding and embedding options where users can upload their custom logos and color themes inside of the platform, and the models can then be embedded onto your website. The feature is very seamless and easy to use, which is what we love to hear, especially from providers who simply do not have the time to work so hard to use these tools.

Our Product Reduces the Cost of Custom Animation

Many clinics and healthcare providers simply don’t have the budget to develop complex medical animations from scratch. We wanted to build something to solve this problem! Since the models are already available, adding custom animation to our existing models reduces the cost and time to develop specialized training for HCPs and patient education.

BioCloud 3D is the perfect solution for medical animation, patient education, and healthcare provider training. Let’s get interactive!

Presenting Interactive 3D Transparent Embedding for Websites!

Do you ever find yourself wishing your healthcare website was more visually engaging? Have you been looking for a way to increase patient engagement? Look no further than BioCloud 3D’s interactive 3D transparent background embedding for patient education and healthcare marketing. Our products are designed with medical professionals in mind and provide an easy way to incorporate interactive 3D anatomy onto your website.

Share Our 3D Anatomy Models Anywhere!

BioCloud 3D’s interactive transparent background embedding provides a way for you to display interactive 3D anatomy without compromising your existing branding. Not only can you embed our models onto your website, but users have the option to remove the background! Our products are easy to use, and can be created with minimal effort. With BioCloud 3D, our users can easily customize their 3D anatomy features, allowing them to quickly integrate interactive and engaging environments for their patients. And, you can share our 3D anatomy models anywhere!

With BioCloud 3D, our products also make it easy to custom develop medical devices, disease states, and therapeutics, allowing patients to quickly get up-to-date information on how things work within their own bodies.

Contact us now to discuss your educational and training needs and revolutionize your healthcare website with transparent background 3D embeds. We look forward to hearing from you soon!