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Interactive 3D Anatomy and Patient Education

BioCloud 3D provides healthcare professionals with patient education tools while engaging them with interactive 3D anatomy. It is always nice to see a patient’s face light up when they can finally see their diagnosis or therapy using stunning visuals.

Gain The Trust of Your Patients Using Stunning 3D Anatomy!

Healthcare providers can gain the trust of their patients while using BioCloud 3D anatomy to explain disease states, medical devices, and surgical procedures. Users can interact with our 3D models and see full anatomical details labeled with definitions. They can zoom in and move the models around for details, study anatomy and physiology, draw and type onto the models, record sessions for presentations, and download images for patient education and HCP training.

BioCloud 3D Offers Custom Branding for Website Embedding

BioCloud 3D offers custom branding and embedding options where users can upload their custom logos and color themes inside of the platform, and the models can then be embedded onto your website. The feature is very seamless and easy to use, which is what we love to hear, especially from providers who simply do not have the time to work so hard to use these tools.

Our Product Reduces the Cost of Custom Animation

Many clinics and healthcare providers simply don’t have the budget to develop complex medical animations from scratch. We wanted to build something to solve this problem! Since the models are already available, adding custom animation to our existing models reduces the cost and time to develop specialized training for HCPs and patient education.

BioCloud 3D is the perfect solution for medical animation, patient education, and healthcare provider training. Let’s get interactive!